Auto Insurance

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Undoubtedly, your car is one of the most valuable items you own.  It's your means of transportation for yourself and your family and that is why it is important to have the right protection for your vehicle.

We offer the following types of auto insurance to meet a variety of needs.

Third Party

Third Party covers your legal liability or responsibility for death or bodily injury to another person (not in your vehicle), even if you are at fault in an accident and for damage to other people's property.

Third Party, Fire & Theft

If your vehicle is stolen or burnt, you will be covered for those damages in addition to the coverage offered in a Third Party contract.


The most wide-ranging insurance plan, Comprehensive insurance covers all eventualities included accidental damage to your automobile whether the damage is a result of a collision or malicious intent.  

Your Comprehensive Private Car plan offers:

  • Personal Accident Benefit for the insured
  • Passenger Liability that covers your liability for death or injury to passengers in your vehicle in the event of an accident
  • Basic Protection for your personal belongings that are lost or damaged due to an accident fire, theft or attempted theft while in the Insured's vehicle, subject to the Limits of Liability.
  • Medical Expenses- the company will, subject to the Limit of Liability refund medical expenses incurred if any occupant of the Insured Vehicle is injured in an accident involving the Insured Vehicle.

Added Value
Your Comprehensive policy also offers the following added benefits:

  • Natural disaster coverage - your car is covered against damage caused by hurricane, earthquakes, windstorm, riots and flood.
  • Windscreen damage - loss or damage to your windscreen or window is covered to a maximum of $750.00 without affecting your No Claims Discount (NCD) and without any policy deductible.
  • Road Angel - FREE Accident Forgiveness, FREE Uninsured Motorist Coverage, FREE Roadside Assistance and so much more.
  • SUV Club - Increased Windscreen Limits, Increased Protection & Removal Limits, Accident Forgiveness

Optional Riders
The following options can be added to your plan for a minimal fee.

  • No Fault benefit waived your deductible up to $400 and provides you with a rental car for a maximum of 5 days in the event you have to claim for loss of or damage to your vehicle through no fault of your own.
  • Protected No Claims Discount ensures that your No Claims Discount will not be affected if you file a claim for or less.


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