Commerical Solutions

Contractors “All Risk” Insurance (C.A.R)
  • Contractors “All Risk” Insurance

    Building your dream home comes with its own challenges. Among these challenges is the need to protect the people who are working on your property. Contractors "All Risks" is designed for work in progress. It covers the actual structure being built, all tools, machinery and personnel as well as fees and other associated liabilities during construction. 

Condominium Insurance
  • Covers the condominium building, commonly owned property, and includes liability coverage for the entire building.
Commercial Coverage

BAF General will help you select the right plans for all your commercial Insurance needs with a wide range of products.

  • Building(s) and Contents: Covers commercial property against Hurricane, Tornado, Windstorm, Fire, Lightning and Explosion, Smoke, Storm or Flood, etc.
  • Burglary: Covers the property against loss/damage by burglary. It also covers damage to your premises caused by burglars during burglary or attempts at burglary.
  • Loss of Rent: Covers the loss of the rent usually received in the event that your commercial property is damaged, for the time that it is uninhabitable while it is being repaired.
  • Public Liability Insurance: In the unlikely event that someone hurts them self while visiting your home or on your business premises, public liability coverage will cover your legal liability up to the policy limit.
  • Employers Liability Insurance: Protects you against the cost of compensation claims arising from employee illness or injury, sustained as a result of their work for you
  • Money Coverage: Provides cover for loss of money in transit between the insured's premises and bank or post office, or other specified places occasioned by robbery, theft or any other fortuitous cause.
  • Professional Liability Insurance (Errors and Omissions Insurance): Sometimes called Errors and Omissions Insurance, is required by professionals who have expertise in a specific field against claims arising out of business or professional practices such as negligence, malpractice or misrepresentation
  • Product Liability Insurance: Covers the cost of compensating anyone who is injured by a faulty product that your business designs, manufactures or supplies.
  • Fidelity Bond: Insures your business for losses caused by the dishonest acts of its employees or any losses incurred as a result of fraudulent acts by specified individuals. 
  • Bid Bond: Issued by a contractor as part of a supply bidding process to guarantee that the winning bidder will undertake the contract under the terms of the bid. 
  • Custom Bond: A financial guaranty between 3 parties: the Insurance/Surety company issuing the Customs bond, the Principal (who is required to file the bond), and Customs & Border Protection (CBP).

Marine Insurance

  • Covers the loss or damage to boats, pleasure craft, ships, cargo and terminals transporting goods via the sea from the point of origin to the destination.

Fire & Extended Perils (including Hurricane)

  • This covers property damage to businesses caused by specified perils which include fire, lightning, explosion, riot, civil commotion, hurricane, tropical storm, water damage and theft damage.

Office "All Risks" 

  • Just like your home, your office can be covered for "all risks" including a limited amount of cash that is on property or in transit, equipment, office property that has been temporarily removed from the premises as well as burglary and damage.

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